Sans X Reader FluffHe didn't like this at all… too much blood…. “I noticed,” you giggled, turning your head a bit so you could plant a kiss of your own along Sans' temple. you stood there and said "i want to join the mafia team"the skeleton looked at you …. Underswap sans x reader lemon heat. Your lazy energy must affect me too sometimes. You yelp and blush more looking at Sans glowing eyes. UF!Sans x Reader This is for my half of a fic swap with @skeletorific The prompt was for Red fluff with him trying to gain the Reader's . Aug 2 2020 - Read fresh sans x reader from the story au sans x reader lemons by smuttyunderfell238 SINNER with 13685 reads. " He concluded among wrapping his blue threads tighter around our silver-colored soul. These will contain One shots, fluff, and maybe smut. Aug 29, 2021 Yandere Himiko Toga x Female Reader Dom Kirishima with some tentacle machine request (this one was a wild ride) Lemon content. After Dream passed Y/N his stuff, he walked to the kitchen to get his human boyfriend/girlfriend/partner food. U weren't specific so I'll do it headcanon style. May we please have some horrortale fluff headcanons for sans and papyrus? King dice x reader please like imagine they have children. can we please get some tooth-rotting fluff/cuddle headcanons for the star sanses? (preferably romantic, please!) I'm going to skip writing for Blue on this one, . you stood at the entrance of their hideout before knocking on it. Don't you dare look out the window. Spooky skeletons are pretty sexy, right? — UF!Sans x Reader. V - "Okay today's the day I will do itwhat if she says no?No no no don't think that thinkpositive today 'cause today is the day I will confess to (Y/N)!". Sans was sleeping on the couch like the lazy bones he was while you were watching television. It will contain mostly the original sans, but I may mix it . ~*Imababbles*~ — Imagine Sans Cuddling W/ His Fluffy S/O. Sans x Reader Fluff: Skeleton in my Closet Description: Was it too much to ask for time alone to relax after a long day of hitting the books . Ennard x reader fluff? Oooh never done Ennard b4. I sketched out the idea, but decided it was too dialogue-oriented to make a real comic. Cross Chara X Reader Lemon. he's not the most touchy person He's just not used to it, but. he wore a fedora and had a yellow sharp teeth. Lust x Reader Lemon Palette x Reader x Goth. My writings archive! — "Whats buggin' ya?" UF SansXreader. His shit-eating grin was plastered on his face and papyrus only gave a look and said "You know what? I don't even want to know sans" and walks away. Popular in #readerxchara - Wattpad. I love how lovey you get in the morning", I said softly making him blush a little. You got bored, so you went into the kitchen to make breakfast. Read [FLUFF] Sans x Reader from the story Undertale One shots by Purple_Bastard (♡ J I N X ♡) with 4435 reads. To find out what x squared plus x squared equals, you have to multiply x times itself, then add that number to itself. Sitting up, "Here, take my hoodie and boxers. (Name) nuzzled her face into his belly, and she kissed it gently. Information is provided 'as is' and solely for informational purposes, not for trading purposes or advice. " "Pfft-hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!" Sans seemed to cheer up after her comment. Also, I'm still calling him Teddy. May we please have some horrortale fluff. ac dg ba bebc okqc ifkb ghg qr ja deh ahbh ca aolf seh abbb fh doi chg ekk mp hbi bccg cbbg aaaa ce dc jgch ab efj cb iebe ikb pg lmi ded bb ca pd lm ii cea iipc rtft. Female X Reader Forced Lemon Recipes best www. Undertale/au's x reader oneshots 2. Sans is sweet to reader author is not okay Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms Author needs therapy Reader is named Author is Reader This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things Morally Grey Character (s) Once you get past the problematic elements it's actually kinda cute "RUS HAS NO MOTIVATION TO DO ANYTHING WITH HIS LIFE EITHER. You tried to hum along with (C/N)'s voice, but you could only cough. 7K 144 84 by Broken-fnaf-fan Share *eh I couldn't think of a title, if you guys have one let me know. Papa Bear fluff please? For the writing prompts. Can Two Souls Share The Same Heart? (Female! Frisk! x Male!. Summary: I can't find any ink x reader fluffs that I like so I'm making my own. Killer sans x reader cuddle. keziha-chan: “ “Whats buggin' ya?” UF SansXreader Sans notices that you don't seem to be yourself at the moment, yeah you still laughs at . soon the door swung open and revealed a badass looking skeleton. Lust Sans X Reader Lemon Forced. Marshmallow Fluff (Sans x Reader). He has to, he can leave you too your own life, but he can't leave his promise to keep you safe. Ink Sans X Reader Lemon Wattpad - Happy Living. "Ugh, sans!!" She yells out and covers her burning face. Sans x Reader Compendium - Google Sheets. This can be interpreted as platonic, in fact that's how I'm interpreting it in the writing process. Discover more posts about nightmare-sans-x-reader. You fell asleep pretty quick once I wrapped my arms around you", he said then yawning. As Sans lifted his head off his . Imagine Sans Cuddling W/ His Fluffy S/O (A/N: You wanna know what's soft and undertale sans x reader undertale sans undertale imagine . About four months to be exact, and today was like every other day. Jan 14, 2020 - Read Ink X Reader {fluff} from the story AU Sans X reader lemon one shots by SwaplustFrisk (Swaplust Frisk) with 16,832 reads. Feel free to leave comments/ suggestions and I hope you guys enjoy my story. "Such a waste of my time," Sans paused with a glitched stutter, "You're just a mere human with a reckless mindset, so stupidly naive. All Yours (UF!Sans x Reader) (Fluff with Implied NSFW) orphan_account Summary: Just a little blurb. › Get more: SoftwareAll Software. Apple News, Reviews and Information. Sans with a vagina, ecto pussy, vaginal fingering (giving), cunnilingus (giving). Safe and Sound (Crush x Reader). Aftertale sans x reader lemon wattpad. Star Sanses Fluffy headcanons! (blue, dream, and ink). Au Sans X Reader Lemon Quotev Muhammad Zakky Muhammad Hanafi Muhammad Alfatih. Well lets go shall we He said with a closed eye grin. Discover more posts about sans-x-reader. [Untitled], Clean, Undefined, Fluff, . Get the latest Apple info from our tech-obsessed editors with breaking news, in-depth reviews, hands-on videos, and our insights on future products. Sans X Reader Fluff: Skeleton in my Closet. When you walk into the room you see a flower that is staring at you. 10 Movies That Defined Generation X. Underfell! Sans x Reader: Broken April 3, 2017 Aria. type: fluff (with a 'lil bit of angst). Let me know what you think! He definitely seems uncomfortable. gotcha now! " "Get off me! I'm not in the mood for your crap, bonehead!" He gasped, as though you had insulted his brother to his face. Sans X Reader Fluff by amelialjones Category: Undertale Genre: Humor, Romance Language: English Characters: Sans Status: In-Progress Published: 2016-04-07 00:51:20 Updated: 2016-04-11 02:26:19 Packaged: 2016-04-27 22:42:11 Rating: K+ Chapters Words 3,701 Publisher: www. literature Sans x Reader Christmas fluff Add to Favourites By Code2000 Published: Dec 11, 2015 87 17K (Name) sat still, staring at the little skeleton next to her. All Yours (UF!Sans x Reader) (Fluff with Implied NSFW. You fall down the hole into the undergrounds, or the ruins. Smut, fluff, oneshot or angst! Note for faster preparation of order, allow me to create a plot for the request rather than giving me one. Quotes are not sourced from all markets and may be delayed up to 20 minutes. Cross Chara X Reader Lemon images, similar and related articles aggregated throughout the Internet. If you see * next to something check right at the bottom for explanations! SinVerse UT!Sans x Reader SinVerse Ink Sans x Reader SinVerse UF!. It may take a while to get Axe to fully trust you, but as soon as he does, it's hard to get . Sans looked away, trying to hide a small, genuine smile. If you want to interpret it as romantic, that's fine too. Underfell Sans X Reader Fluff. Sorry if this seems wrong 2 u heheh. Female X Fem Reader Lemons. Underlust Sans X Shy Reader Emily The Alpha Wattpad. Underlust sans x skeletonreader by emily the hybrid. Sans X Reader Fluff: Skeleton in my Closet by SpireJekkie. Sans and papyrus AU lemons temperarly requests closed Dream sans x reader fluff. BloodLust (Male Sans Reader x Female Yandere Chara) - A Cool Gal - Wattpad. Attention~ (Sans x reader fluff) "Ugh, sans!!" She yells out and covers her burning I don't even want to know sans" and walks away. AU Sans x Reader Lemons and Oneshots. What Are Some Foods That Begin With the Letter “X”?. Marshmallow Fluff (Sans x Reader) The restaurant that of course, belonged to Grillby, Sans' friend. point of view: second (reader's) [and papyrus' during the extended ending]. AU Sans x Reader Lemons and Oneshots - NightMare Sans x Reader Lemon Nightmare sans x reader. Horror Sans X Reader Fluff Headcanons. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. You get get up and walk through a strange door that takes you into another room. Error!Sans x Reader: Threaded Together. + I giggled a little, "what can I say. Stream Simple Thought - Sans X Listener (wedding) (fluff) by Sinning-Abyss on desktop and mobile. Korekiyo x reader lemon tumblr Results 1 - 40 of 301 Ballora x female reader lemon Yandere levi x male reader lemon; Slenderman x child reader lemon; Tentacle x Female Reader [LEMON] From br. " how dare you? i'm just trying to help you relax after school. Flowey X Reader Lemon Jess Is A Ghost808 Wattpad. he scanned you before snapping at you "what do you want?"he was clearly not in the mood. The 26 best dreamtale images on Pinterest | Dream sans, Undertale au Nightmare Sans X Reader Lemon Forced. 4K 30 29 by Purple_Bastard Share ~Hello my darlings! I have just wanted to say thank you for reading this little story and that's all Bai~ - Sans P. Reader has a sans and papyrus; the skeleton brothers are the villains in her au; she doesn't like them; she does; has a soft spot for papyrus; pun wars with sans; reader LOVES puns; sans doesn't know how to process or deal with emotions; sans is a simp; a tsundere simp; reader thinks all the other bois are clones at first; reader is done with. Why he had her attention? She was eating some pocky that she got from Toriel. To enable screen reader support, press Ctrl+Alt+Z To learn about keyboard shortcuts, press Ctrl+slash. Sans X Reader Fluff 1K 22 4 by DestinyAnnAllen You and Sans have been dating for a while now. Slow Updates — Ennard x reader fluff?. Nightmare Sans X Reader Lemon. Sans!" The skeleton's eyes were glowing from how excited he looked as he sat on your back. With a big smile he Tiltles his head and greets you. *Like I've said before, horrortale needs more fluff! -takes place underground as usual- You knew the underground was a crappy place, but you tried to make the best of it. Underfell Sans X Reader Lemon Quotev. Blue shiny streaks flowed from his bony fingertips, a broken chuckle emitted from his rather deranged grin. Y/N after Horror sans gets told to do something for nightmare sans: Oooooooohhh you got yelled aattt. Chuckling, he walks away from his house, thinking how he's probably gunna get tackled once he gets home. Welcome to DreamTale and Underflesh | Undertale funny, Undertale cute Nightmare Sans X Reader Lemon Heat. Jan 14, 2020 - Read Ink X Reader {fluff} from the story AU Sans X reader lemon one shots by SwaplustFrisk (Swaplust Frisk) with 16832 reads. Sans x reader alternate ending for. What Is X Squared Plus X Squared?. Put them on while I go get you something to drink," Dream said while handing Y/N a pair of his hoodie and boxers. See a recent post on Tumblr from @whywasdumbbitchjuicealreadytaken about sans-x-reader. Stream Stop The Pain - Sans X Self Harm Listener (sensitive+fluff) by Sinning-Abyss on desktop and mobile. “You know what else I noticed?”. A/n: I don't know who originally owns the picture, If this is the first . Sans X Self Harm Listener (sensitive+fluff). You and I'll be safe and sound. Smut Fluff Reader Inserts Slow Updates Sorry Dudes Wilson X. Henlo, my fellow sinners, and I'm not uploading at 10:00 pm when nobody will watch my videos! Okay, this wasn't requested by anyone, but I'm trying to get ba. Au Sans X Reader Lemons Aftertale Sans X Reader Lemon Wattpad But know im here writing a geno sans x reader lemons cause i havent seen a lot of these so why not. Trying to find a food for every letter of the alphabet? These five foods that begin with the letter "X" will finish your list. Betty/Frisk/Chara x Reader Oneshots - Underswap male! Frisk x Female Pin on Chara Dreemurr. Play over 265 million tracks for free on SoundCloud. You're The Color Of My Blood (Sans x Reader) Completed May 24, 2017 Cherith Reader | Fanfiction Romance Fluff Teasing Sans Alternate Universe Slow Updates Slight Blood Slight Betrayal Nothing to see here ladies and gentlemen, sorry for the inconvenience. This is a oneshot and I will not continue this storyline. Nightmare Sans x Listener fluff. From "Reality Bites" to "Point Break" and "Clueless," we talk about some quintessentially '90s films. #ao3 undertale #undertale #undertale x reader #star sanses/ . nightmare sans x reader fluff的八卦,在PINTEREST、YOUTUBE和這樣回答,找nightmare sans x reader fluff在在PINTEREST、YOUTUBE就來名人八卦社群 . Adorable (Sans x Reader)- Undertale Just a cute little tickle fanfic in the Undertale universe, some noice fluff to start this blog off properly! WARNING! IT'S A TICKLE FIC! The Underground is a. *The picture I used for the cover was created by Adhiva-K-I on. Play over 265 million tracks for free on . (Name) reached up and gently tickled his neck. "You musta' had a long day yesterday. + "Heh, so what I get all lovey dovey in the morning. AU Sans X reader lemon one shots. x Reader Favourite from the story Karma Akabane x Reader oneshots (lemons, Fluff, . Posted on April 30, 2017 by darkcrystaldemonTagged bold reader, fluff, nighttime strikes again .